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"I have taken Pilates sessions two to three times weekly for seven years, starting on the recommendation of a wise friend before I had knee surgery and cintinuing because Pilates has made me stroner, taller, and straighter. Stephanie Bishop is the best Pilates instructor I have ever encountered an I have met many. She is the best because she pays attention to each client's physical needs, and potential  limitations. Stephanie continually tailors Pilates movements/sessions for each Well-Balanced Pilates client and watches carefully, correcting us as we go to make sure we get maximum benefit from each session."

Linda Vance.


"Pilates has enhanced my life and well-being. Stephanie Bishop, trained originally in dance, is an excellent instructor. You know you are in good hands as you see yourself gain strength and your technique improves. I am committed to continuing Well-Balanced Pilates as a life changing gift to myself.

Elly Thomas


I started Pilates after a shoulder injury. After taking Pilates from a few different people, I was lucky enough to have foung Stephanie at Well-Balanced Pilates. She really is more effective and fun than any of the other instructors I had tried. Stephanie helped strengthen my shoulder and all of the surrounding muscles. IN addition, my core is stronger than it has ever been. Well-Balanced PIlates is the best!

Patrice Friedman

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